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Screenings in the yard will resume in late October.

If you haven't heard, someone walked off with the community projector during Salem's birthday party.

If you've ever enjoyed the use of it please consider a small paypal contribution.

Visit http://www.paypal.com/ and send
"quasi cash" to: marcfischer@sbcglobal.com and specify that you are donating to help replace the projector. [WE"VE RAISED OVER $350 SO FAR]
see **** for the original projector news.

Next Free Store: October
Location and Date:TBA

December: Hardcore Histories
Ausgang Studios


Free Store drop-offs at 1958 W. Walnut, let me know and I'll unlock the gate.



Salem's birthday party was here in the yard last night and it was one of the most amazing nights we've had.
However at some point during the surprise performance by Drew, Rotten Milk and crew someone walked off with the projector. Spread the word people, if you see an Epson projector with NCAAV written on it anywhere, feel free to yank it and give us call.

The projector was community owned. It has been used in the following ways just in the last months: 10 shows for kids at 50th and Racine Untold number of movies at 1958 W. Walnut Art shows by various people at COMA, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Messhall, Goscia Kosliak Gallery, The 48 Free Store, and shit I don't remember all the other places.

It has been lent out time and time again to whomever has asked. And it was scheduled to be used by many for the next 3 months.

To whomever took it:
If you are planning on using it locally, good luck. Several hundred people have enjoyed it's use and they are now on your ass. I do hope they run into you. The karma train you are riding has just left the gate, better hold on.

Please post this far and wide.